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about meg

Hi, I'm Meg.

Welcome to our little 3 Birds nest.

I'm so glad you're here.

There are many things that I love in life and my job is definitely one of them! I've been at this gig over five years now, and I just can't imagine doing anything else.


As a photographer, I put great emphasis on building relationships with couples and families as they celebrate the most special days and milestones of their lives. I just love thinking about you thumbing through your wedding album on your 25th anniversary or showing your grandkids how small their mom and dad once were. 


I hope the images you entrust me to capture will enable you to relive the precious moments of your life, over and over, forever.


Here are a few other things I love:


Tacos. Tacos are life.

My best friend and husband of 15 years.

Our crazy crew of the 4 greatest kids ever.

Coffee. Coffee all day, every day. Because, 4 kids. 

Exploring. Road trips are our jam.

Curling up in a cozy chair with a great book.

Take a look around and then let's chat about how I can serve you best. I'll bring the coffee.

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